Talent Acquisition

What are the Best Online Recruitment Tools?

In this digital era, the internet plays a very important role in recruiting new staff. Online tools that were once a secret weapon of big recruitment firms are now available to anyone at a very affordable price or even free. A full recruitment cycle basically contains three main phrases: sourcing, selection, and retention. Below are some of the best online tools that will make recruitment easier, faster, and cheaper.

Online tools for sourcing:


On LinkedIn, you can post job ads, search for candidates, as well as promote your organization. LinkedIn is a good resource for actively recruiting talent, especially management positions. This online tool allows you to build your network of connections, and having a great professional network goes a long way when it comes to recruiting new talent.

Features such as advanced search and LinkedIn groups make it really easy to find individuals working in your industry of focus and you can draw all the necessary information about the individuals from their profile, company pages, and personal updates.


Nowadays, there is an online forum for almost any niche or industry. These forums allow people to exchange knowledge by asking and answering questions. You never know, some of these knowledgeable people may be interested in working for you, so it’s a great way to pinpoint and contact individuals who could be a good fit for your role.


Meetups allows people with similar interests to get together not only online but in person. If you are looking for someone with certain skills, chances are you can find a meetup for that. Why not go and meet up with some prospective candidates in person?

Online tools for selection:


Skype allows you to conduct live video interviews online. This is great if a potential candidate lives in a faraway city or even a country. Its free video chat function allows you to “meet” with them face-to-face regardless of where they live. Traditional in-person interviews can take time to organize and carry out, so Skype interviews are a convenient way to save time and costs when conducting the initial interviews. 


If you are recruiting technical staff, you may want to test a potential candidate to make sure that he or she is up to the task, before you even interview them. CodeEval allows you to do just that. The site lets you create custom coding problems and challenges that you can issue applicants, to help you better sort through job candidates.


Revelian is another tool that allows you to assess the level of knowledge and skill of a potential candidate in a specific area. Unlike CodeEval, Revelian also offers non-technical skills tests, such as proofreading, data entry, cash handling, etc; as well as psychometric and personality tests that help you identify individuals who are a good fit for your company culture and an insight into how the candidate is likely to approach the role.

Online tools for retention:

Cornerstone Performance

Performance tracking is an important process. The Cornerstone Performance tool utilizes some powerful evaluation features to measure employee competencies and performance. To make things fun, employees can collect special badges by meeting certain goals, and these badges are included in their performance reviews. 


Employee recognition is as important as performance tracking. WooBoard allows you to target certain areas and motivate employees to excel in these areas by giving them public recognitions that are instant and meaningful. WooBoard is a handy way to show appreciation to employees, connect teams and keep your staff engaged at work.