The 9 Steps to Personal Branding

If you’re looking for a job, you need a strong personal brand – it’s crucial. You can’t be applying for jobs with a weak personal brand or one that doesn’t amaze recruiters and headhunters!

However, how do you go around creating a personal branding strategy? How can you build one that’s strong, will stand the test of time and beat off everyone else?

This infographic from outlines the 9 basic steps to doing just that.


  1. Who: What are your skills, your passions and your USPs? What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  2. Perceived: What do your friends, colleagues and Google say about you?
  3. Achieve: What do you want to do in your sector and market and in what style?
  4. Brand: Use emotions, words, images and storytelling to build your brand.
  5. Ecosystem: Create a blog and use social networks to build your ecosystem.
  6. Network: Add influencers, communities and people you know offline into your network.
  7. Content: Create original content across your blog and social media.
  8. Get involved: Be part of conversations, comments and sharing other people’s content.
  9. Monitor: Watch trends and news – and monitor your content and social media.

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