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How Adobe Instils a Creative Company Culture

As one of the leading software developers of the world, Adobe has been praised for the strong company culture they have grown over the years. From its humble beginnings in 1982, Adobe has grown into a multinational company, with over 13,500 employees. So what’s so special about Adobe’s culture? Let’s find out…

“Work hard, play hard”

Adobe knows the importance of having fun. It takes centre stage in their company culture. There is a direct correlation between employees having fun at work and boosted motivation and productivity. It’s been argued that fun may be the single most important trait of a highly effective and successful organisation. Naturally, employees that enjoy their job will want to stay at the company for longer, which obviously works in Adobe’s favour.

Adobe Life

Adobe uses their culture as a recruitment tool and love to show off their happy and healthy employees with ‘Adobe Life’. They share images online with the hashtag #AdobeLife and even have a magazine which includes some of the highlights of the goings-on in Adobe.

This shows off the human side of the brand and gets employees more personally involved in the company.


Adobe makes no secret of the fact they have a very creative outlook when it comes to work. Adobe knows that fostering their employees creativity and giving room for experimentation is the key to an innovative workforce. There are multiple reasons why creativity is important for a company. First off, it boosts productivity. It allows employees to work faster, and provide solutions in new and interesting ways. It also boosts employee morale – being creative at work is fun, and there’s nothing better than truly enjoying your job.

Freedom and Responsibility

One of Adobe’s top management techniques is to not manage. Adobe makes it clear that employees will not be micro managed, but will have true responsibility and freedom with their work. Employees are given challenging projects and problems and given responsibility from day one – creating a trusting and innovative environment. Instilling trust in your work environment makes such a difference to employees.

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By Ruby Lowe

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