5 Ways to Ace Your Next Big Presentation

Preparing for a big presentation can be a nerve-wracking time – so what advice can we take from the citizens of Springfield? Here are some characteristics which will help you ace your next big presentation:

1. Bart Simpson’s fearlessness:

The key to being an awesome public speaker, is to enter your presentation fearlessly. There are multiple ways to do this, and sometimes it can be really hard. The trick is to know everything inside out. Know your audience. Know your presentation. Know the facts. If you feel confident in what you are presenting and who you are presenting it to, your public speaking skills will naturally be stronger.

2. Ralph’s Anecdotes:

Your presentation will be more interesting if you use examples of your personal experience to back up your points. Including anecdotes will give your presentation the boost of personality and will separate it from others the viewers have seen. Don’t be afraid to come across off as a human when presenting either, no one likes a robot!

3. Homer’s voice projection:

Homer took his voice projection skills to the max when he became an opera singer for an episode. Speaking loudly and clearly is important when it comes to presentations, so make sure you practice with an audience, and ask for feedback. A trick to this is also making sure you speak incredibly slowly. Although it may feel and sound weird to you personally, it always sounds best to an audience if you’re speaking slowly.

4. Maggie’s choice of words:

We all know that Maggie Simpson has a way with words like no other – she uses none. In our presentation, it’s useful to take Maggie’s advice when it comes to your choice of words. Keep your presentation as simple as possible, don’t use long, ‘impressive’ words just for the sake of it – say your point as simply as it can be put.

5. Gerald’s eye contact:

Gerald may be a lesser known character but his presence is a strong one – mainly due to his ferocious eye contact. He’s Maggie’s worst enemy and they always have run-ins at daycare, but his eye contact is what makes his presence so effective. When you’re in your presentation, make sure you grab the eye-contact of members of the audience. It will make them feel more involved in the presentation and keep them interested.

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By Ruby Lowe

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