9 Steps to Becoming a Great Speaker

Whether you work in recruiting, sales, HR, or anything else – you’ve probably been told that public speaking is one key to success. What’s, that is the mere thought of being a public speaker freaking you out? You’re not the only one.

Having to go in front of an audience to deliver a speech is very stressful. Not only do you have countless pairs of eyes staring at you, but you also have to make sure you’re delivering seamlessly, looking professional plus everything else.

Stressing out before a speech or presentation will probably harm the quality of your performance. Public speaking is nothing to be worried about and, when performed correctly, can result in a positive outcome for you or your business (or both!).

Have a look at this infographic from – don’t miss out on the expert tips at the bottom!


  • Relevant speech is where you want to say and what you’re interested in the overlap.
  • Keep it simple, stupid: don’t assume your audience are experts!
  • Make sure your opening line will interest your audience.
  • Use metaphors, adjectives, historical comparisons, etc.
  • Don’t over-practice!

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