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Meet Aimee Bateman of CareerCake

Have you met Aimee Bateman?

Aimee is the founder and host of As an ex-recruiter, Aimee has seen and experienced some of the funniest and most exciting stories, and in the first of our #MeetMonday series, she shares some of them with us.

In the first of this #MeetMonday series, we ask Aimee about cover letters, resume howlers and much more.

  • Which one phrase made her smile when she read it on a cover letter?
  • Why should you never use your mobile after an interview?
  • What’s Aimee’s favourite social media platform?
  • What’s her best recruitment tip?

Find out the answer to all these (and more) in the video below! You can also read Aimee’s articles here on Undercover Recruiter or visit

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