Are you making your working environment and everyone else’s around you a toxic place? Is your negative attitude being passed onto other people? Does waking up on a Monday morning with the thought of having to go to work just make you want to go back to sleep?

If so, you could be a culprit of being the disengaged employee. Sometimes, you don’t even realise you are doing it, but you make others around you depressed just at the thought of work.

This infographic by Officevibe helps us to understand the disengaged employee by providing 13 personality traits that they possess.


1) You complain.

2) You make excuses.

3) You lack enthusiasm.

4) You don’t help others.

5) You gossip.

6) You’re a liar.

7) You’re a know-it-all.

8) You’re independent.

9) You’re irresponsible.

10) You have no initiative.

11) You don’t ask questions.

12) No growth.

13) You get distracted.

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13 signs

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