Employer Branding

How to Deal with Toxic Employees

Do you look around the workplace and spot people doing something they shouldn’t be?

Are people pretending to work when really they are time wasting?

We all know that one person in the office who is slacking and making other people unproductive as a result of this.

This infographic by GetvoIP pin points 5 types of toxic employees and how to deal with them, to turn them into productive and positive people to have in the workplace.

5 types of toxic employee:

  1. The hot mess: Helplessness and disorganised. Offer extra training and foster awareness with frequent check – ins.
  2. The slacker: Low motivation and bad timekeeping. Provide clear expectations and demand accountability.
  3. The martyr: Complains and undermines the confidence of team members. Enforce delegation and a collaborative workplace.
  4. The socialite: Loud and distracting with a lack of focus. Provide regular redirection and harness communication skills.
  5. The sociopath: Bullying behaviour and has interpersonal problems. Provide a safe and supportive environment and take employee complaints seriously.

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By Casey Fleischmann