What is the Worst Thing a Candidate Can Do in an Interview?

Even if you’re the most qualified candidate in the running, if you slip up or behave in an inappropriate manner during your job interview, it could cost you the job.

From turning up late, to not dressing the part, there are a number of common job interview blunders that candidates make time after time; but what’s the worst thing that a job seeker can do in an interview?

I asked the Undercover Recruiter community to find out what #UROpinion is on the matter and here’s what you had to say:

Louise Parkes

Marketing Co-ordinator at SVC Group Ltd

“Admit to the hiring manager that they are not interested in the job – after they told the recruiter that they were!”

Jason Basile

Executive Recruiter at Recruiting Specialists

“Lack of preparation. To me, an interview is like a golf swing. It takes planning, finesse, and follow through.”

Kira Seki

Recruitment Specialist at Quantum Management Services Ltd.

“Pull out their cell phone, apologize for doing so and still check it or turn it off at that point before saying, “where were we?” – Even having your cell phone vibrate in your pocket/purse is not okay during any kind of interview, let alone to actually pull it out and check it.”

Mark Cunzolo

Teacher at South Park School District

“Not show confidence by having a poor handshake, bad eye contact, and a general inability to hold a conversation.”

Hila Turabaz

Corporate Recruiter at Spotzer Media Group

“Not researching the company they have an interview at.”

Cat Cobb

Senior Recruiter, Strategic Talent Sourcer at Discover

“I’ve had someone bring a lunchbox and snack during the interview.”

Sunitha Narayanan

Career Coach at Promark Company

“Show disinterest and lack of preparation.”

Jolie Frechette

Executive Healthcare Recruiter

“Not exhibit true enthusiasm and interest in the opportunity. Ask questions, do your homework before the interview.”

Manoj Kumar Anand

Director Merchandising at Indiana Sourcing Pvt Ltd.

“Criticising a  previous employer, role, boss or processes of the company.”


IT Staffing and Consulting Agency

“We think not being prepared is the biggest mistake. Meaning you need to do research on the company and preparing answers.”

Calibre Search

Specialist Recruitment Consultancy

“Not researching the company before they come for the interview!”

Recruiting Bandwidth

Recruiting strategy and talent management firm

“Come unprepared and not appropriately dressed.”

Samantha Angermeier

Technical Recruiter at HKA Enterprises

“I had a manager ask a candidate what the best thing about their current job is… They answered “when I get to go home and leave”.”

Lysha Holmes

Managing Director at Qui Recruitment

“Lie about their experiences.”