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11 Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Working from home has become a significant part of the 21st-century business world. Even though there are contradictory opinions about the efficiency of employees working remotely, freelance jobs are persistently on the rise.

A broad variety of companies are turning to the TRaD (telecommuting, remote, and distributed) model of work, in industries like Computers and IT, healthcare, and finance.

In some industries, remote jobs are more easily adaptable due to the different nature of work. However, thanks to the rapid development of technology, telecommuting jobs in education, sales, and customer service are also available.

What are the Advantages of Working From Home?

Studies have shown that letting employees work from home can also benefit the employers just as much. From increased productivity to money savings, in the long run, both business owners and managers and workers can take advantage of the work-from-home opportunity.

Cost efficiency

Taking into consideration the fact that employees won’t need to travel to work either by car or public transportation, it is clear that costs can be saved from commuting.

Another cost-efficient factor is that no physical space is needed for an office – many startups can benefit from hiring remote workers.

Flexible working hours

Every person is different – some like mornings, others are night owls. This is why by giving employees the freedom to choose their working hours, companies are getting more work done.

From an employee point of view, a flexible schedule lets them plan their days appropriately. It also allows them to adjust to their families schedules and improve their personal relationships.


The comfort that working from home gives the employee cannot be replaced by any innovative and fashionable working space. Noisy co-workers are often an issue for people who easily get distracted. This is why the quiet home-based office space is a better option for many employees in order to unleash their full potential.

Reduced stress levels

The feeling of being at home is usually associated with deeper feelings of comfort and tranquillity. This is why when people work from home, they can have reduced stress levels which will contribute to their efficiency as well as their long-term physical and mental health.

Less stress also comes from the fact that the boss is not constantly around and annoying colleagues can be avoided.

Increased productivity

Although some might argue that concentration at home is harder because of the many possible distractions, workplace-related stress turns out to be a bigger enemy of productivity.

Increased productivity is, in fact, the potential result of all of the above-mentioned advantages. When employees feel comfortable with their working conditions and can feel in control of their schedules, they can finally focus on the real work.

Where to Find a Work-at-home Job?

There are a few ways to search for a work-at-home job. Some of them are:

  • Type in a phrase that says “work from home”, “remote”, “telecommuting”, or similar in the search box of familiar job searching platforms.
  • Look at freelance job opportunities in websites like upwork, freelancer, simply hired etc…

How to Avoid Scammers?

Since the Internet is more or less a free space for everyone, the danger of scammers is high.

In order for candidates to protect themselves from potential scammers, there are a few things they need to do before applying for a work-at-home job:

  • Familiarize with the most common job scams
  • Read the job offer thoroughly
  • Read more about the company offering the job
  • Don’t pay any fees to get a job
  • Stay away from “quick money” ads.

What are the best work-at-home jobs candidates can apply for? What is the average hourly rate for each of these jobs? What are their satisfaction ratings? Find out in the infographic below.

About the author: Andrei Kurtuy is the co-founder of Novoresume, an intuitive résumé builder which specializes in helping candidates create professional CV’s to help them find their dream job.

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