Employer Branding

Employer Branding: The Inbound Recruiting Way

Building an employer brand, especially online, for all the world to see has become paramount to your business. It’s easier than ever to discover what a workplace is like nowadays, so why not take full advantage of that?

Most of you reading this will know that finding and connecting with top talent is not simple. The very best talent usually isn’t looking for a job. But at HubSpot, they believe they have a way of getting around this.

We speak to Hannah Fleishman, the Inbound Recruiting Manager at HubSpot, to find out why candidate experience is such an important piece of the employer brand puzzle, and what strategies you can put in place to truly build relationships with top talent.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What an inbound recruiting manager does
  • About the corporate culture at HubSpot
  • About the talent challenges Hubspot face as an organization
  • What ‘inbound applicants’ is and why it is their best source of hire
  • How HubSpot takes inspiration from Netflix’s culture
  • What the four stages of the inbound recruiting funnel are
  • Hannah’s top tips for employer brand managers
  • HubSpot’s guide to measuring employer brand
  • What’s next for HubSpot’s employer brand

Connect with Hannah Fleishman on LinkedIn and learn more about Inbound Recruiting here.