25 Ways to Wow Your Boss & Win Them Over

Regardless of how much or little you like your boss, the reality is that it’s their opinion of you that matters more to your career. We know there are some difficult bosses out there; not all of us are fans of he or she we report to. But at the end of the day, they are someone you want to have on your side, working with (not against) you.

If you feel things have been a bit stressful in the office for the past few months or that you’ve become distant from each other in a work-sense, it’s best to nip things as soon as possible and give them every reason to appreciate you and the work you do. If something has happened to potentially make them question your skills or effort, don’t stay quiet and hope misconceptions will sort themselves out. Make sure you’re doing all you can to ensure the relationship stays positive, and start the new year on a really positive note, putting your best foot forward!

1. Always strive for quality

Be the champion of doing things right, at a high level. Don’t get caught saying things like, ‘that will do’ or, ‘I didn’t have time to do x, y and z’. Make time.

2. Beat deadlines

Got some deadlines coming up? Don’t scrape in at the last minute – get your work done early and show you are organised and on top of things. This will also alleviate potential last-minute stress.

3. Keep your desk clean

This show you take pride in your personal space and respect your belongings, as well as the company’s.

4. Help your colleagues

Don’t put your headphones in when a colleague appears to be struggling. Go out of your way to be a team player and assist others where you can.

5. Get in early

IT doesn’t have to be hours prior, but don’t rush through the door at 1 minute to 9. Show you can manage your time and know how to be punctual.

6. Be positive

Don’t let negativity overcome you; it is really draining to be around. Try to be positive where you can about clients and engagements – it will show you are optimistic and not ready to admit early defeat.

7. Be enthusiastic

Don’t roll your eyes or begrudgingly accept new tasks or opportunities. Be enthusiastic about what you do and motivate your colleagues to get excited, too.

8. Prepare for meetings

Don’t rock up to a meeting without notes or having thought through what you can add- it shows you don’t really care about the meeting or the outcomes.

9. Ask for feedback

Be proactive and show your keenness to improve and better yourself. Then when you have the feedback, actually take steps to show how you’re addressing the points.

10. Conduct competitor analysis

Sometimes we get so focussed on our own operations, we forget to scope out what others are doing. Conducting a bit of competitor research and filling in your team will show your boss you have a holistic view of your career and the job.

11. Bring in treats

If you’re a fan of baking, why no bring some bits and pieces in for the rest of your team? It shows you are thinking about your job outside of work hours and want to make a positive difference in as many ways as you can.

12. Become a champion for good administration

Take the time to get on top of your records, files and other general administration. Be someone your boss can use as a good example to others.

13. Be honest

Being open, and stating negatives and positives fairly will show you are not just trying to hide things or brush stuff under the carpet. It will make them feel you have carefully considered your point of view.

14. Take pride in your appearance

you don’t have to wear designer outfits, but making sure you are neatly groomed and have clean / professional work attire will show a certain level of decorum.

15. Leave baggage at home

Don’t bring unnecessary drama to the workplace. Remain professional. Of course share your personal life with friends, but don’t make everything about you. – show interest in others, instead.

16. Initiate team events / social activities

Show you have a vested interest in making sure the team works well together, and be an encourager of social outings and team-bonding activities.

17. Encourage charity work

Charity work is a great way to shift your focus help others in need and get some much-need perspective. This sense of selflessness will not go unoticed by your boss, and you will likely inspire others to help out with great causes where they can, too.

18. Keep up with industry news

Show you are keeping up with the world around you; staying abreast of relevant news and current affairs shows you are conscientious.

19. Nail your social media presence

Up-skill yourself in social media, so you can have a professional personal brand online, and contribute to your organisation’s presence too. It’s all about keeping with the times and making sure you don’t get left behind in the digital world we live in.

20. Don’t say ‘no’ without consideration

Be open to new challenges and don’t reject new ideas or opportunities without carefully weighing up the pros and cons, first.

21. Don’t say ‘yes’ without consideration

Don’t foolishly bite off more than you can chew – it will only result in you becoming snowed under, and under-performing across the board as a result. Learning to say ‘no’ at the right times could save your career and show others you aren’t one to be used or walked over.

22. Smile

It sounds so simple, but consciously remind yourself to smile. Your positivity will catch on, as will that accidental frown if you keep at it!

23. Own your work

Take responsibility for your own deliverables, and leave the excuses at home. Be bold and rise to the occasion. Likewise, admit your mistakes and back yourself to make improve next time.

24. Be loyal

Don’t go talking behind people’s backs or bickering. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Be loyal to your organisation and your boss – it won’t go unnoticed.

25. Stand your ground

Finally, stand your ground. If you feel you’re being miss-treated, address this. Always be professional and wear a thick skin, but keep accurate records of things to support your stance and always stand your ground on matters that affect you. This will show you are a true professional and someone with gravitas.

Have I missed anything? Let us know your top tip for wowing and winning your boss back over!

By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.