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Why HR Must Embrace Social Media

Social technology is one of the hottest trends in talent management. Organizations are seeking ways to harness social technology to spark innovation and motivate employees but many have yet to fully embrace it.

Social platforms and networks have already started to emerge in all facets of talent management but this survey from Silk Road found that HR leaders are just now starting to feel the heat to assess, justify and implement social technology initiatives. In fact, the survey found that 75 percent of respondents felt that their company was behind the curve with internal and external use of social technology.

The survey also found that companies are accelerating their adoption of internal social technology. Two thirds of the companies (67 percent) surveyed have adopted or planned to adopt the technology. However, many implementations are incomplete, or are in the early stages. Of those that have adopted internal social technology, success has been moderate: 24 percent indicated that it was too soon to tell at their organization, 22 percent reported good success and only five percent reported either poor results or terrific success.

It’s clear that a “build it and they will come” approach won’t yield the results HR seeks (and the C-level demands) – HR must embrace it and develop a disciplined approach to social technology in order for it to be successful.


  • 91% of recruiters use social media to source and cross reference candidates.
  • 67% of companies surveyed have already adopted or plan to adopt internal social technology, and 36 percent plan to start within the next year.
  • About half of the companies still block employees’ use of social media although there is no good reason for this

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