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10 Unorthodox Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

Is office morale at an all time low? Want to inject a bit of fun into your workforce? Read my top 10 unorthodox ways of keeping employees motivated here!

1) Install Ping Pong tables:

Forget fussball tables – these days it’s all about ping pong! As well as getting the blood pumping to the brain, a bit of gentle exercise is great for creativity and motivation. Taking a break from working also means the time you do spend working will be more productive. It also creates a fun environment for co-workers to get to know each other away from the working environment.

2) Adopt an office dog:

Other than the fact there would be untapped puppy cuddles all day, there are hundreds of reasons your office needs an office dog. It’s scientifically proven that being in the company of dogs releases endorphins in the brain – making you feel more relaxed and happier in general. Being in the company of dogs also means reduced blood pressure, a balanced work/break ratio, a brightened environment, boosted creativity – among other things. The list is truly endless. Overall having a dog in the office sets the tone of your brand.

3) Use scooters for transport:

Here’s another great thing to have in your office. As well as making transport across the office much quicker – scooters are just ridiculously fun. I can think of nothing I’d rather be doing right now than having a ride on a scooter. Offices that already have scooters include Pixar, Mashable and Popcap – it feels like 2002 all over again! Woohoo!

4) Install a chalkboard wall:

Having a chalkboard wall not only encourages collaboration within the working environment, but also allows workers to release their creativity in an old-school way. In-office chalkboards are not only cheap, but they also provide a talking point for respective clients or visitors to your office.

5) Introduce Friday afternoon drinks:

In a study conducted by British Airways, it was found that motivation is at its lowest on Fridays after 2.39pm. What a perfect time to start the weekend! It’s always a great idea to stock some beers in the fridge so that when Friday afternoon starts, workers can wind down in the office and chill out with their co-workers. Doing this works well in a variety of ways. It means employees will enjoy Friday afternoons at work, it gives them the chance to get to know their coworkers in a more casual environment, and lastly it will mean the rest of the week is more productive, as employees know they have to complete their workload before Friday afternoon. So get them beers in!

6) Install a slide:

Even as an adult, you can’t deny how incredibly fun slides are. Feeling the wind through your hair whilst gliding gracefully down a smooth piece of plastic is a feeling like no other. So why not inject your office with a bit of nostalgic fun – not only will it improve your employees moods – it will make going from floor-to-floor less of a chore. James Avery of Workshop, Kent , introduced a slide into his office and hasn’t looked back! He told The Daily Mail that it’s not only useful for getting around, but he’s also ‘noticed the slide being used for other purposes, such as sending down post, and even the odd bag of sugar.’ How very practical.

7) Use outdoor areas:

It’s all well and good having an office full of fun things to motivate your employees with. But when it comes to summer time, there’s nothing worse than working in a boiling office surrounded by sweaty collared employees. This is why every workplace needs an outdoor work area. Whether it be a roof garden or a wooden terrace, any outdoor area is the perfect place to work on those hot summer days. It’s also the perfect setting for Friday afternoon drinks.

8) Give every employee a birthday party:

Walking in to work on your birthday and no-one realising is probably one of the worst things in the world (to me, anyway!). Although some people may not feel as strongly about birthdays as me, having a birthday surprise at work leaves you feeling appreciated and happy. And instead of a standard, boring Tesco caterpillar cake – why not take the celebrating to the extreme? Set up an ice cream bar with sauces and toppings, organise a masseuse for the day, set up games with fun prizes – there are endless opportunities for fun with birthdays. Another thing to remember about birthdays, is that each celebration should be unique to the employee they are for. Although birthday celebrations take time and planning, the end results are worth it for both your brand and on the employees side.

9) Create a beanbag corner:

Creating a soft area for employees to work in is a great way to make work a bit more comfortable. For most people, the office is where they will be spending the majority of their time, so making it a comfortable environment should be a priority. Having access to plugs near the beanbag area means that work can be done whilst lounging. So say goodbye to clicking knees and sore backs from uncomfortable desk chairs, and hello to well rested legs and a more motivated workforce.

10) Provide unlimited coffee:

Coffee at work is a must – especially on a Monday morning! A great way to get employees up and ready for the day is to provide unlimited coffee for everyone. Now some brands may have the budget to install a full working coffee machine with a personal barista, others only the budget for a Nespresso machine. Either way, providing this small perk will not only brighten up Monday mornings, it will boost staff morale and motivate the team.

Brightening up work-life for you and your colleagues is a sure-fire way to improve motivation and productivity. If you have any of these things in your office, or have any other unorthodox ways of keeping employees motivated, make sure you let me know in the comments!