How UK Employees Get Social Media All Wrong

To some, social media and work don’t mix. But this might soon be a mindset of the past, and the American workforce is pulling ahead of the UK in taking advantage of social media to enhance their careers. In 2015, not having a professional, up to date LinkedIn profile might limit you from grasping the career opportunities you didn’t know were available to you. Recruiting has moved online, and this infographic by scredible shows why you too must follow the trend.

Online Presence and Career Development

  • 54% of US employees believe social media will be very important to their careers in 5 years time
  • Only 39% of UK employees feel the same way

Limiting Factors To Social Media Usage

  • 42% of all employees surveyed from both the US and the UK thinks too much useless content it the main reason why they’re not more active on social media
  • 22% are worried about what their boss might think about their social media activity
  • 57% of men and 51% of women think that social media should be banned in the workplace as it can become a distraction

Social Presence And Professional Reputation

  • 75% of US employees thinks social media can enhance their careers
  • Only 57% of UK employees think the same

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