Talent Acquisition

How to Use Twitter to Recruit New Talent

Twitter – it’s extremely popular in this modern age of always being connected (we’re even on it too – @UndercoverRec!) – but how can you use it to recruit the top talent?¬†Should you be using direct messages or @mentions to contact prospective candidates?

The folks at Akken Cloud have created this handy infographic on using the site for recruitment – please leave any other comments, tips or tricks in the comments below or tweet them to use!


  • Over 58% of job seekers use Twitter in their job search, with 76% looking at company profiles for opportunities.
  • Job seekers’ usage of each social network is slowly growing each year – especially for Facebook and Twitter.
  • There are various ways to connect with job seekers on Twitter: via hashtags and tweetchats amongst others.
  • 78% of Fortune 500 recruiting tweets contain a hashtag.
  • Job seekers use Twitter to connect with companies with:
    • 55% following companies.
    • 34% applying for tweeted job postings.
    • 33% using Twitter to communicate with companies and recruiters.
  • To actively recruit well on Twitter:
    • Treat Twitter like a virtual networking event.
    • Retweet job postings at different times of the day, to ensure you reach all followers.

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