5 Tips for Finding a Job on Social Media

As a job seeker, you have probably researched all there is to know about cover letters, resumes, and interviews. However, are you familiar with the latest technique of job searching – social media? Yes, social media is not all about posting cute photographs of your cat or silly videos. Nowadays, more and more companies have turned to social media to fill their vacant posts, and about three out of four hiring managers actually check out a potential candidate’s social media profiles before they make their hiring decision. So how do you go about finding jobs on social media?

1. Spread the word.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, let your friends and followers know that you are actively looking for a job. Let them know what type of work you are looking for, and one of them may just know that someone is hiring. Please note, only do this if you are currently unemployed. If you’re looking to change jobs while still in a job it’s much more sensible to keep it on the down low, as you never know who people know and you may find yourself unintentionally unemployed as a result!

2. Engage with a prospective employer.

Find out if a company that you would like to work for is on social media. If so you can follow them to learn of any opportunities within the organization and keep yourself updated on any changes. You can also use social media to engage with the company and communicate your knowledge and passion for a job in the field. LinkedIn is particularly good for getting yourself known by the hiring manager. Do your research to identify the relevant individual on LinkedIn and introduce yourself and explain your intention. Hopefully, they will think of you when there is a vacancy in the company.

3. Network with people who work in the field of your interest.

Social media is a great place to network with other industry professionals. Track down individuals who are working in the fields you are interested in, whether it be on LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram, and connect with them. You can then engage with their posts and build a relationship with them online. It’s even better if they work in companies that you are targeting. You never know, they may be willing to refer you, which offers you a much better chance of landing a job in the company.

4. Make your social media profiles “employer-friendly”.

Make sure that your profile picture is professional. It’s probably best to avoid late-night party snaps or overly posed selfies, or at least keep them on a network with your settings set to private! On your profile, it’s a good idea to include a short bio about yourself, your work background, and what kind of role you’re looking for. You can also include a link to your resume or online portfolio on your profile. 

5. Establish yourself as an expert in your field of interest.

Keep up to date with news and updates about companies in your field of interest. Try to engage with their social updates or articles, by commenting on or sharing them, and make sure that your comments are relevant. The more you do the better, as it will help to get yourself known. Be helpful because you never know if a potential employer could be reading.