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The Truth About The Worst Recruiting Nightmares

Forget demons and serial killers in masks, recruiters have other things haunting their dreams this Halloween season. From seemingly perfect candidates who completely mess up their interview to clients who are never satisfied, finding great talent means facing some scary things.

Check out the below infographic; it shows that 32 percent of American companies are having trouble filling open positions. And that means recruiters have to work harder than ever to connect employees with the right employers. Fortunately, there are also some tips on there to show you how you can overcome these difficult situations. Here’s a look at what makes both clients and candidates a recruiter’s worst nightmare, and how to turn them into a dream come true:


The nightmare

Every recruiter has had that one client whose expectations and list of job requirements never seems to end. You find them a great candidate, but then they tell you they’d like someone with more customer service experience. This is a big part of what’s turned the hiring process into a long, involved process.

As the infographic shows, it now takes an average of 26-34 days to fill an open position. And to find that perfect candidate, hiring managers and recruiters have to turn to, on average, 15 different sources. Then, after all that hard work and effort, low retention rates mean it won’t be too long before the position is vacant again. According to Indeed of being hired, 65 percent of new employees are already looking at job listings again.

So how do you wake up from that client nightmare?

The dream

To improve the situation with difficult clients, the secret is good communication early in the relationship. By getting on the same page about their expectations, both you and your client will know what the ideal candidate would look like. Start by going in-depth into the job requirements. Careerbuilder tells us that 42 percent of hiring managers would still consider a candidate who meets most of their requirements. Find out which skills are the most important to the employer and which ones they’re willing to compromise on.

You also need to hone your skills assessing the top baseline skills for companies across industries. Burning Glass Technologies explains that the most in-demand skills for employees are communication, organizational, and writing skills. Find ways to see how well each candidate exhibits these skills and you’ll be better able to match them to clients expectations.


The nightmare

Job seekers have one main goal: to find employment. If they’ve been on the hunt for an extended period of time, it’s not uncommon for them to get a little desperate. And that can make things more difficult for recruiters. That’s what’s led to an increase in the number of under-qualified candidates employers have been seeing in the hiring process. According to the CIPD, 48 percent of hiring managers said they now receive more unqualified candidates than in the past. In addition, many HR professionals report most job seekers are disappointing in the interview.
Since you can’t magically wave a wand and make a candidate more skilled, how do you end this nightmare?

The dream

The hiring process is stressful for candidates, and you need to help them prepare. In fact, CareerArc tells us 60 percent of candidates say better communication throughout and after the hiring process would have the biggest impact on improving their experience.

Stay in touch with candidates every step of the way so both of you know what to expect next. Putting them at ease will also create a better rapport between you and them. That way, they won’t feel the need to lie about their imperfections as job seekers. When there are no surprises during the hiring process, things go much smoother for everyone. Recruiting doesn’t have to be a scary process. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to get a better night’s sleep knowing that both your candidates and your clients are getting exactly what they need from you.

About the author: Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video interview solution used by more than 2,000 companies across the globe. Check out Spark Hire’s full infographic below!

Nightmare On Recruiting Street

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