Is Further Training a Worthwhile Investment?

Training is beneficial and a worthwhile investment for both the employer and employee. The employee gets the opportunity to expand on their skills and knowledge, something that is actually one of the top factors that job seekers look for in an a role; and the employer gains a skill professional who is equipped to excel in their job. The chance to learn new things and develop within the company can also be highly effective for boosting employee morale and productivity.

This infographic created by looks into the value of upskilling and how individuals can make the most of their skill-set.

Why upgrade skills?

  • 57% of upskillers did so to increase their chance of getting a promotion with their current employer.
  • 47% were seeking a better opportunity at another company.
  • 42% were looking to enter a new field of work.
  • 20% wanted to become an entrepreneur.

What industries are upskilling?

  • 28% of professionals working in maths are undertaking training or education to pursue a new field of work.
  • 26% of engineering and IT professionals are completing further training/education.
  • 25% of sales and security clearance professionals are also doing so.

Does generation and country affect attitude?

  • Gen Y are the most likely (63%) to be motivated by the prospect of a promotion with their current employer.
  • Professionals in Americas and APAC are more likely to undertake training for a promotion than those in EMEA.

Is there a skills gap in Britain?

  • 15% of British employers say that some of their staff are not fully proficient at their job.
  • 7 out of 10 employers say that their skills requirements will change over the next 12 months.
  • The top lacking skills (63%) are technical, practical or job specific skills.

How can employees go about upskilling?

  • Allocate time for researching, networking and creating a career plan.
  • Get networking and talk to people who work in your desired industry or have undertaken a course that may suit you.
  • Do your research so that you know what’s available to you and what the financial requirements are.

If you are out of work…

  • Think positively about being out of work and use it as an opportunity to get on the right career path for you.
  • Treat upskilling and job searching as a full time job. Be visible to employers.

What are the benefits of upskilling?

  • You will stand out from other candidates when applying for a new job.
  • It can put you in good stead of earn a promotion.
  • It makes it easier for you to change careers if you wish to do so.
  • It has potential to increase your earnings.

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