How to Use the Superhero Pose to Take Control of the Interview

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Have you heard of the superhero or power pose? This pose could make the difference between an uncomfortable and a successful interview.

A power pose is a position of confidence and comfort. Your body gives off the signal that you feel comfortable in your surroundings and confident about yourself.

How can I adopt the power pose?

Sit or stand with your arms spread out like wings or put your hands behind your head and puff out your chest a little bit. Now, sitting or standing, spread out your legs. Take up as much space with your body as you can—be expansive. Maintain this pose for 2 minutes.

Studies show that assuming a posture of confidence, even when you don’t feel confident, can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might have an impact on your chances for success.

Power posturing is true of primates and other species. If you look at pictures of apes, birds, and snakes showing off to potential mates and warning off enemies, they make themselves bigger to exude confidence and strength. If you look at pictures of wealthy people, successful people, professional athletes, and someone who has just accomplished something personally important, the image is that of openness, expansion, comfort, and strength.

How does it work?

When you assume the power pose for two minutes, your physiology will change. You will have a stronger presence.  In blind studies, interviewers that talked to subjects that had just completed the power pose described the subjects as passionate, confident, authentic, comfortable, enthusiastic, and captivating. You don’t have to pretend or try to assume those characteristics. They will simply be a natural part of you.

Try it!

Assume this pose for 2 minutes before an important event or before a conversation about something you really want. Before an interview, step into the restroom and do this in front of the sink or in a stall. Same before you take an important Skype or phone call; the caller won’t necessarily see you, but your voice will emote those positive characteristics.

Using the power pose will change the way you think and talk during the interview. You will exude confidence you never knew you had.

See this video for more details:

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