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The 10 Traits of a Top Billing Recruiter

The top billers in the recruitment industry possess a number of key characteristics that prime them for success. So have you got what it takes? Our list runs down those essential traits that will take you to the top!

1) Communication skills:

All sales roles rely on excellent communication skills, and as a recruiter, you need to be an excellent listener and speaker. The biggest billers really hear what they are being told, from both client and jobseeker, and often pick up on different messages using both overt and subconscious cues. Big billers use questioning to find the information that they need to serve their customers and know how to communicate verbally and in writing, to a high standard.

2) Relationship building:

Linked to the point above, the top billers prioritize their client and working relationships and spend time nurturing them. By knowing their stakeholders, great recruiters can ensure they deliver what’s required of them, and they build up loyalty and a great reputation in the process.

3) Confidence:

Watch any big biller walk into the room and you will know about it. You don’t need to be loud, overt, or egotistical, but you will walk with confidence, speak with authority, and have an attitude that you are there to help others achieve their aims and to serve clients to the best of your ability. Confidence in your abilities will inspire others to trust you, and give you their business.

4) Delivery focus:

Big billers know that they are only as good as their last hire. They will value quality delivery and prioritize it – ensuring that their clients are delighted with their work and ready to trust further assignments to their care. A great recruiter will always deliver to the best of their ability and aim to exceed client expectations. They will know that their reputation is the most important thing they possess – and being reliable is essential to maintain it.

5) Marketing abilities:

It is essential to be able to promote and market your services and skills effectively, showcasing your knowledge and demonstrating your ability to add value to the recruitment relationship. To be as good as a big biller, you need to hone your selling, negotiation, and convincing skills to build up a client base and win great business. Remember, marketing applies to an attitude as well as a range of activities. Consider how your market yourself in every interaction – from the way you present yourself with your dress, handshake, and business card – to the way you follow up on client meetings with a thoughtful note, client entertaining, or other value-add activities to position yourself in the forefront of the client’s mind.

6) Target driven:

Those big earners focus on their targets and aim to exceed them. They view targets as a challenge and a starting point, and find pride and excitement in smashing them! Most big billers will set themselves additional stretch targets and increasingly focus their attention on the most profitable business, rather than automatically chasing every lead that comes their way. Naturally, they will think strategically, prioritizing those relationships which look set to have long-term value, rather than worrying overly about short-term wins.

7) A proactive attitude:

 No recruiter will find success if they wait for work to fall into their laps. The most successful in the industry will constantly be seeking out profitable new relationships, developing key clients, and using their time in valuable ways. They won’t waste time surfing the net or idling on LinkedIn – they will be out there, meeting with clients, meeting with jobseekers, networking, and marketing their services to prospects. Crucially, they will do a vast majority of their business face to face, and never hide behind databases or social media.

8) Hard graft:

Great recruiters are dedicated and don’t avoid the tough stuff. Whether that involves cold calling, working a room or setting appointments, they are constantly putting in the work needed to be successful, rather than waiting for someone to do it for them! You will often see the most successful recruiters starting work and finishing before the majority of the team – not because they are falling behind in their work, but because they are committing to getting the job done and to staying ahead of the pack! Hard graft, particularly at the start of your career, will pay dividends later on once you are established and have an excellent reputation to trade on.

9) Personal skills:

Great recruiters will be able to multi-task, manage their time, be patient, and work quickly. They will use systems and processes to organize themselves and prioritize work. They will avoid time-wasting and low-value tasks, and make sure they have a clear plan for each working day. Smart recruiters will also work effectively in teams and use the resources that they have at their disposal, directing their time and effort towards the highest value activities and accounts to make the best use of their energy.

10) Digital awareness:

Modern recruitment does require a degree of computer literacy which can put ambitious young recruiters ahead of the pack. Smart professionals in the field employ a variety of social media recruitment approaches and techniques across a range of platforms, blending on and offline activity to achieve intended objectives.

Author: Satnam Brar is Managing Director of Maximus IT. Maximus is an Oracle Gold Partner which specializes in recruitment in the ERP, CRM & Database sectors, specifically ORACLE, MS Dynamics,, and SAP.

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