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Top 5 Twitter Apps for Recruitment

Social media is an absolute necessity in these modern times when recruiting new talent. Twitter is an extremely useful tool for posting job opportunities as well as researching applicants.

Alongside applications such as Hootsuite (which can post tweets and job posts) and FollowerWonk (which can analyse statistics about potential candidates), here are the top 5 Twitter apps which recruiters can use.

1. TweetMyJobs

TweetMyJobs holds two options for recruiters – the small business, free option (less than 25 jobs per year) and the enterprise (more than 25 jobs per year) option. Some big clients (such as Intercontinental Hotels Group) use the Enterprise option, where the company receives its own ‘branded [job] Twitter channel’, however both options receive post distribution on Facebook and Twitter.

According to statistics from the @TweetMyJobs_EU feed, the website tweets well over 1,000,000 jobs a month, and around 60,000 or more a day – so your post may become lost if you use the free option, however it has received a lot of positive feedback.

2. TwitJobSearch

TwitJobSearch is a simple search engine for jobs. There are three options – either TJS can pick up a job tweet, recruiters can have an XML file of jobs tweeted by TJS, or recruiters can manually add their jobs to the search engine (linked via their Twitter account). The website is extremely simple to use and there is no charges for posting jobs.

3. Jobvite

JobVite has two products: Source and Hire. Both Jobvite Source and Jobvite Hire have ‘Twitter channel feeds’, which promise automatic distribution of jobs with shortened and trackable URLs and hashtags, as well as automatic posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. Jobvite also release a ‘Social Recruiting Survey’ each year, so have a lot of knowledge in their field.

4. Bullhorn Reach

Bullhorn Reach integrates Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with 52% of recruiters who use Bullhorn leveriging Twitter according to official statistics. A job is posted to the Bullhorn Reach platform and then automatically shared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With clients such as eBay and Nike using Bullhorn Reach, it is the most popular of the recruiting applications and websites available.

5. Broadbean Social

Broadbean Social describe their Twitter application as “an extension to your career site”, by automatically publishing job openings, managing the candidate application process and optimising tweets with hashtags. With hundreds of staffing companies and corporate recruiters using their technology, Broadbean are one of the most trusted applications available.

As shown here, there is a wide variety of software to be used in social recruiting, each with positives and negatives – it is up to the recruiter themselves to decide on the one they will use.

What Twitter applications do you use for recruitment?

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