Recruiters can make mistakes too!

Here are the top 10 screening mistakes made by recruiters, as reported by Resoomay in an interesting infographic.


  • 79% of business hired candidates that had exaggerated their CVs/résumés, whereas ignoring an overqualified candidate can cause harm, as there is never a perfect match.
  • Too many recruiters don’t ask the right questions in interviews – they ask superficial questions instead that waste time – however an interview only increases the chance of finding the best candidate by 2%, so should not be the only aspect of recruitment.
  • Recruiters need to get a clear idea of respondents’ personalities or temperaments before interviewing, and also need to check references! 25% of recruiters don’t check references – which is a BIG mistake.
  • A good communication strategy between your hiring team is crucial to gain a perfect recruitment result.
  • Taking a candidate on simply from the résumé because of lack of time, can increase turnover costs and cause more harm than good.
  • A vague job description means more job applicants, and recruiters need to ensure they sell the company to the candidate to make them excited and interested.

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