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Top 10 LinkedIn Groups Job Seekers Must Join

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it allows the employer and/or recruiter to find you instead of the other way around. By keeping a high profile, you will be noticed and contacted sooner rather than later. You keep a high profile by being active, joining groups and getting involved in discussions.

Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn allows you to extend your personal brand and also reach out to more people as you can contact any group member directly. Groups are useful for news postings, discussion boards, updates in general, networking, questions and answers and so forth.

So what groups should a job seeker join? Well, recruiters trawl a lot of groups but as a rule of thumb you want to go for the big and established ones. You can join up to 50 groups and it’s all free.

These are the LinkedIn groups you have to join (all clickable links):

1. A Job Needed – A Job Posted 

The title says it all, claims to be fastest growing, and the most productive group in the career and recruitment segment. About 9k members at the moment.

2. Career Change Central

A group for job changers and people in career transition to meet in a central place with recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches.

3. CareerLink Network

Takes a more holistic approach to your career and life, helping you with spiritual and personal growth.

4. Corporate Recruiters

A group for corporate, on in-house if you will, recruiters. Joining this will hopefully get you in direct contact with companies.

5. Executive Suite

A massive group connecting executives and recruiters mainly in the US. It even has its own newsletter.

6. Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections

Another group with a self explanatory title and also the biggest LinkedIn group of them all.

7. Jobs Alert

Provides career opportunities at middle and senior level of management in companies across the globe. Focused on India, the UK and the US.

8. Linked:HR

A group for managers, corporate recruiters, headhunters, HR folks and now you. Claims to be the biggest HR group on LinkedIn and the most active for discussions.

9. Personal Branding Network

A group by Dan Schawbel about how to use your brand for your job search and career in general.

10. Undercover Recruiter

Our very own group where we invite you to ask any questions about careers and recruiting.

Good luck with your LinkedIn Groups and happy networking!

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Image: Shutterstock

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.