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Top 10 Global Companies Recruiting on Facebook

The performance findings for major global recruiting companies on Facebook, has been released for 2014 by The Social Recruitment Monitor created by Maximum EMG.

The top 10 list of recruiting companies has been formed, using the average SRM index scores over the last year. This identifies the best performing companies by social media channel.

The top 5:

  1. Marriott International.
  2. Walt Disney Careers
  3. Hewlett – Packard
  4. G4S
  5. United Nations

Global monthly active users:

In addition to this, Facebook has the most active monthly users worldwide with 1350 million, YouTube comes close second with 1000 million and Pinterest comes last with nearly 30 million. People are using Facebook to hire, engage and check out potential candidates, before and even after interviews.

This along with the 2014 Social Recruitment Management Benchmarking Survey found that Facebook was used by more than 80% of their respondents and employer brand engagement is the main reason that companies are involved in social recruitment, especially on Facebook. Networks such as LinkedIn are used more for direct sourcing. Most employers use social to communicate about job information and company events.

The posts decreased from 2013 to 2014 and this is suggested to be because a lot of companies are using sponsored updates. In addition to this, the most frequent content being posted is about company or industry news and photos of employees in the workplace.

As shown above, engagement on Facebook has increased from 1,219 in 2013 to 1,240 in 2014. This is suggested to be because pages become more popular overtime, which eventually encourages more engagement.

Overall, we can see that Facebook is clearly a popular social platform for recruitment companies and as time goes on, social networks for recruitment are becoming more active and being used as an essential tool for their brand.