9 Job Hunting Tips for Graduates

Graduating from university and entering the ‘real world’ can be a scary time. The job market is still tough for grads – in 2012, 284,000 students graduated into minimum wage jobs, according to the Wall Street Journal. But staying positive is the first step to success. Take a look below at some of our top tips for graduates.

1. Be prepared to work your ass off:

Being a young and relatively inexperienced worker, means that you’re going to have to prove yourself in whatever role you’re in. You’re going to have many skills that your older counterparts are going to lack, and vice versa, so be prepared to dive in and embrace yourself for a learning curve like no other! It’s going to be hard at times, but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

2. Keep living like a student:

If you’re savvy with your savings, graduate life is going to be a whole lot more fun. Lots of new graduates employees waste their first payslips – but the trick is to keep acting like a student. This means you’ll save money and give you more options later on.

3. Think of your career as lumps of experience:

When graduates are first exposed to the ‘real world’, it can often feel like your career path must be chosen immediately, and once you’ve been employed in your first job you MUST stay in that industry for life. The real world can be scary, but it’s best to think of your employment as snippets of experience, that fit together, even if they’re not in the same industry.4. Spend more time with people than your laptop:

Become a people person and you’re half way there. Shut the laptop and arrange a coffee meeting with the hiring manager from your favourite company.

5. Use your social networks to your advantage:

Most graduates these days have a pretty strong presence on social media. Instead of hiding it, use it to your advantage! Network with influencers, sniff out what positions are available and create a network online. It’s the perfect way to show off your skills and personality.

6. Don’t forget about the small guys:

Many graduates only think about the big-dogs when it comes to their first graduate jobs, but sometimes it’s best to check out start ups and smaller companies first. Usually there’s much more autonomy and responsibility in smaller companies!

7. Tailoring your CV is vital:

The graduate job hunt can be a pretty desperate hunt, but don’t just blast out your CV to everyone and anyone. To really stand out, make sure you tailor your CV to each specific role your apply for.

8. Showcase yourself:

Creating a website is the perfect way to showcase your skills and experience.

9. Graduate recruitment agencies:

The term ‘recruitment agencies’ may strike fear into your heart, but don’t let them scare you! Sometimes signing up to a recruitment agency makes the job hunt easier, so research your options to see if there are any that suit you.

Image credit: Shutterstock