8 Signs That You’re on the Right Career Path

Everyone has the potential to be incredible at what they do. All that it takes is finding that one thing that sparks your interest and passion, making work feel less like work. Everyone deserves to wake up every morning feeling passionate and excited for the day ahead – but this is far from reality for some. If you read this article and can’t relate at all – it may be time to pack up and head in a new direction.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones, who has found fulfilment at work – then you’ll recognise some of the characteristics I’ve listed below.

1) Sunday blues don’t exist:

The Sunday night blues are a real problem for some people – they’ll even spend the whole weekend worrying about beginning work again on Monday. If Sunday blues are effecting you dramatically, it may be a sign that your job isn’t the right one for you.

2) You talk about work constantly:

If you can’t wait to tell your friends and family what’s been going on at work that day, then chances are you either hate your job, or love it. Unsatisfied workers take any chance they can to complain about their workload and colleagues, but those who enjoy their job are equally vocal about it.

3) You always go the extra mile:

Putting in a bit of extra work is no big deal if you feel passionate about your career.

4) You do things you love doing everyday:

If you’re working somewhere and the tasks you have to do don’t suit you, your personality and your skills, then it may be time to look elsewhere. Work should include things that you love doing – whether it’s problem solving or creating things.

5) You just get ‘it’:

If you feel passion for the industry and company you work in, you’re most likely on the right career path for you. People who are meant to work in a specific industry or company just get ‘it’.

6) You’re excited and a little scared:

Being on the right career path means that the future is an exciting one. Work should keep you excited and stimulated rather than bored. And remember, comfort can quickly turn to boredom.

7) You’re full of ideas:

If you’re happy and passionate about what you do, your creative juices should flow. If you feel like you’re mind is full of ideas and potential projects, then chances are you’re on the right track.

8) You feel on top of your game:

Everyone wants to go to sleep at night feeling accomplished and on top of their game. If this is how you feel every evening, you’re one of the lucky ones!

By Ruby Lowe

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