3 Time Management Tools to Organise Your Job Hunt

Being on-time, fast and persistent is vital to an effective job hunt. Staying organised may be the way you stand out and beat the competition for your dream job. Do you have a set routine planned with your days dedicated to your job search? To make job hunting easier, we strongly recommend using time management tools to keep you focused and completing important tasks in the correct order. It will also be reassuring to be aware that you’re making significant progress. Be sure to refer back to this checklist everyday!

We’d love to hear how you keep focused with your job search. Do you use any tools to stay organised? Here are three vital time management applications we recommend to optimise your job hunt:

1. Fantastical

Fantastical is a quick and easy way of managing your calendar and reminders. With one click, you can open up Fantastical and see your schedule for the week or month.

Fantastical also allows you to set reminders that you can attach to specific dates or leave as a simple checklist. Alarms can also be set to remind you of specific events. Also, Fantastical is brilliant on iOS platforms, which automatically syncs with the Mac desktop application. Whilst Fantastical isn’t free, it’s perhaps the best calendar app available on Apple devices due to its versatility and stylish interface.

Staying organised with an effective calendar application is essential to productivity and remaining focused. What calendar app do you use on your smartphone or computer? Let us know in the comments.

2. Trello

Trello is a fantastic task management web tool, especially with users collectively working on a specific task. Trello is simple to use with a lot of flexibility. Tasks you create in Trello are displayed in small cards, and then sorted in columns that you can customise. These columns display the progression of each task, from ‘ideas’ to ‘done.’ Everything is automatically synced to the cloud, so all users and devices are continually up-to-date on the latest project developments.

You can write ideas, concepts or tasks to be completed onto Trello cards. Cards also allow comments, photos, videos and PDFs to be attached, and you can include particular users to work on specific tasks. A useful notification sidebar indicates the latest actions made by all users. Keeping track of a collaborative project’s progress is easier than ever with Trello. Checklists can also be added to cards to ensure each smaller task is completed that’s part of a bigger piece of work. Boards can be customised to cater to anyones requirements, and you can even change the background image!

There’s also a Trello app for smartphones, allowing you to manage your Trello whilst your away from the computer. Have you tried Trello? Let us know in the comments!

3. Todoist

Todoist places a strong emphasis on design. Simplicity is the main draw of this task management application. It’s easy to keep everything in order with Todoist’s minimalist approach and flexibility.

Todoist claims to offer more features than any other to-do list – meaning more customisation, organise tasks and optimise productivity. You can add tasks by email and access tasks on iCalendar. Todoist also features sub-tasks, labels and the ability to colour coordinate content. You can also chat real-time to others when collaborating on projects.

While Todoist is free to use, it also offers a premium subscription that’s $28 (£18) a year that gives you more abilities, such as notifications (either by time or location), automatic backups, and the ability to add notes or file attachments. There are a few lacking features, such as Apple Handoff support between iOS devices and Macs, but this feature may appear at some stage.

With time management applications and tools, I advise trying each tool to discover which one you prefer and stick with it for at least a month. Each user has different requirements from a task-management tool, so explore what’s available and find out which one suits your needs. For example, my requirements are based on it having multi platform support, ease of use and stylish simplicity. All three of these apps are perfect for my requirements. Staying organised with a job hunt is easier when using any one of these three apps.

Do you use any of the applications mentioned? How do you stay on top of your tasks? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Shutterstock