Talent Acquisition

How Tech is Improving the Candidate Experience

This article is sponsored by Talentsquare, a free, simple and easy recruiting software.

Finding a job has become more competitive than ever and therefore it is essential that recruiters make use of all options available to make a job search for candidates as easy as possible.

One aspect that has helped the applying to jobs experience is technology. Applicant tracking systems are always investing in new ways for candidates to present themselves to headhunters better, and social networks such as LinkedIn are always adding more targeted job search functions.

Here we will explore the top applicant tracking systems, social networks and mobile apps which will all help to improve the candidate experience.

Top 3 applicant tracking systems:

1) Talentsquare:

A free, simple and easy recruiting software to manage your candidates, vacancies, advertising and employer brands with just a few clicks. Talentsquare lets you manage all of your vacancies efficiently within the cloud, meaning anyone with access can manage the entire process. Talentsquare allows recruiters to easily post jobs to popular job sites, such as Indeed!

Talentsquare also allows you to view data on the job vacancy, including the number of views and number of applicants. A good ATS would make a candidate experience more efficient; Talentsquare goes beyond the essentials and redefines the job posting experience, becoming the all-in-one service you need.

2) Taleo:

Over 5,000 companies use Taleo, as it gives managers up-to-date insights into candidates, making managing application process quicker.

Taleo, owned by the Oracle Corporation, is the industry’s broadest cloud-based talent management platform. Taleo’s cloud service enables enterprises and midsize businesses to recruit the best candidates with the right skills, as the it collects relevant information throughout the employee’s entire lifecycle, empowering HR, managers, and employees to leverage their cloud talent to drive improved performance and business success. In December 2013, it was confirmed Taleo had over 20 million users.

3) SuccessFactors:

San Francisco-based SuccessFactors aims to reduce the time and costs of recruitment by identifying the right candidates for the listed vacancy.

SuccessFactors deliver ‘world-class’ cloud technology and the ability to deliver sustainable competitive advantages. SuccessFactors is designed ‘to help you align strategy with performance and achieve better business execution.’ In 2010, SuccessFactors launched the first ever calculator in the cloud technology. The calculator in the cloud allows business users to do analysis of real-time data for insight and predictions.

In December 2013 it was confirmed that SuccessFactor’s Learning Management System had over 600 customers with 11.5 million users. SuccessFactor’s Talent Management solution had over 4,000 customers with 25 million users.

Top 3 social networks:

1) LinkedIn:

With more than 300+ million members, managing your professional identity on LinkedIn is intuitive. Think of your LinkedIn profile as an interactive CV, with added personality and an active community. Groups are a great way of connecting with others of a similar industry. LinkedIn is simply unmissable for professionals looking to expand their contacts and job seekers looking for the next step in their career.

2) Twitter:

Most companies use Twitter to reach the relevant audience that’s interested in job vacancies. Twitter’s search tools are also great for finding vacancies outside of who you follow.

Many users also retweet vacancies to their followers, so this is a great way of finding new talent or find your dream job!

3) Facebook:

Facebook is great for finding vacancies shared by your family and friends. Following company pages means potentially job vacancies will be posted in your news feed between fifty pictures of your aunt’s cat.

As Facebook has the largest social network audience, many recruiters exclusively post job openings on Facebook as they reach a large-enough audience suitable for the job opening. Potential candidates can get a greater understanding for company culture when viewing the content pushed to a company page.

Top 3 mobile apps:

1) Indeed:  

Indeed’s mobile app provides free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. It’s rightly the world’s #1 job search site, with over 140 million job seekers using Indeed each month.

2) Totaljobs JobSearch (known as StepStone outside of the UK):

Totaljobs has over 120,000 live jobs ads currently listed. Search, list and apply for jobs with a few simple steps. Simplicity is the key feature of this app. You can even save search options to stay up-to-date on your desired field.

3) Resume Star:

Resume Star is a great app for candidates to quickly building a resume on-the-go.
The app’s stylish templates are easy to work with, and you can quickly export your documents as cross-platform PDFs. For a free iPhone app, this is a deal that shouldn’t be missed. 

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By Robbie Palmer