How Tech Affects Employee Productivity

Technology has had a huge impact on the way that modern-day businesses run and though there are many benefits to it, a rise in apps and gadgets, has also led to more distractions in the workplace.

In a recent report by Highfive, they investigated how technology can influence employee productivity.

What role does mobile play?

  • Improved technology has led to increased connectivity and more people working remotely.
  • 72% of people have used their personal mobile for work reasons.
  • 71% of people are likely to do something that is unrelated during a conference call.
  • 49% of workers think that it is ok to do other things during a meeting.
  • 47% of workers reported that the biggest issue in meetings is that their colleagues are distracted or not paying attention.

How does age and gender impact workers?

  • 36% of men are distracted by texting, compared to 25% of women.
  • 27% of men are distracted by emails, compared to 17% of women.
  • Millennials are 73% more likely to do something unrelated during a conference call.
  • They are also 45% more likely to check their phone during a meeting.

Why do we seek these distractions?

  • A distracting workplace can create distracted employees.
  • This can be caused by noise pollution, the quality of meeting content, and a realistic frequency of meetings.
  • 64% of workers prefer in-person meetings, over phone/video meetings.
  • An average of 4.73 texts, emails, or WhatsApps are sent during an in-person meeting.

What are businesses doing about it?

  • 27% of businesses block certain website access.
  • 24% offer the option to work from home.
  • 19% banned mobile phones.
  • 15% have meeting-free days.
  • 21% have quiet hours.
  • 15% use productivity tools.

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