Employer Branding Talent Acquisition

How Strong Values Can Attract and Retain Talent

Do you value values? How about values such as; ‘Open company, no bullshit’. Maybe this one; ‘Build with heart and balance’. Or even better; ‘Don’t #@!% the customer’!

Devin Rogozinski is Head of Talent Marketing at Atlassian, in this interview we learn how the global tech company does employer branding based on a strong set of values.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What sort of services and products Atlassian offer.
  • What the overall employer brand strategy is all about at Atlassian and what their EVP is.
  • How Atlassian activates its employer brand in and what initiatives have stood out.
  • How Atlassian measures the ROI of employer brand activity.
  • What Devin’s top tips for employer branding would be and some of the mistakes he has made along the way too!

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By Karim Ansari

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