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Why Modern Offices Stop Millennials Leaving

Did you know that 16% of 18-24-year-olds have left a job due to poor office design and 31% of UK workers claimed that their working environment makes them feel uninspired? Recent research also shows that one-fifth of millennials are actually rejecting potential employers due to dull and uninspiring office layouts. Millennials are already the largest segment in the workplace which makes it crucial that companies cater to the younger generation and what they look for in a workplace which is flexibility, modernized offices, and improved collaboration. 

Benefits of a Millennial Office Space 

Switching to a millennial office space can have many benefits including the following: 

  • Employee and talent retention 
  • Sustainability 
  • Stronger collaborative workforce
  • Attracts millennials 
  • Makes workers happier 
  • Creates a positive working environment 
  • Increased productivity and morale 
  • Efficient use of space 

How to Improve Your Workspace 

Whether you’re an employer looking to retain your staff, are self-employed or work from home; making a few simple yet effective changes to your workspace can have massive, positive results. As a business, switching to a millennial office space will help you attract some of the top talent in your industry, make you stand out amongst competitors, promote a positive company image, create a stronger collaborative workforce and also improve morale.

Here are a few things to focus on when designing your millennial office space: 

  • Bright color scheme and plants – the colour is proven to have a huge impact on our mood, motivation and productivity levels while plants can help reduce stress levels.
  • Natural light – natural lighting is known for having a positive impact on wellness, mental health, and productivity. Artificial light can also have a negative effect on those working in an office, so if it can be avoided always opt for natural light. 
  • Increased space – open spaces prevent employees from feeling trapped or claustrophobic in their workspace. Clear, clutter-free spaces with plenty of room for movement and collaboration will mean people aren’t restricted. Clutter also makes us feel more stressed, so minimal furniture is always best. 
  • Multi-functional desks – invest in a sit/stand desk to allow people to have flexibility and versatility within their workspace. This will improve their physical and mental health by keeping them active and energized.
  • Ideal room temperature – nobody can work in a room that is too hot or too cold, therefore finding the right balance is key.  21 degrees Celsius is said to be the perfect temperature to work in and also improves productivity and focus. It will also ensure that your staff are happy and comfortable at all times.  
  • Updated technology – up to date systems and technology is required for millennials due to how tech-savvy they all are! Multiple computer screens were also shown to increase productivity amongst employees by 50%. 

Hot Desking 

Being committed to a desk and seat in an office environment is a dated concept that not many people are actually a fan of. Unless you’re happy with who you’re sitting next to and don’t like change, you may end up feeling tied to your desk. Hot desking is one of the latest innovations in the workplace that many millennials are enjoying. Hot desking basically consists of flexible seating arrangements that allow employees to work remotely while freeing up desk space – it could also save the UK up to £34 billion a year! 

Office Pets 

Who doesn’t like the idea of a furry friend sharing your office space with you from time to time? Office pets are becoming increasingly popular and Google, Amazon and Ben & Jerrys are just some of the world-famous companies adopting this into their working environment. It’s not a bad idea either, 39% of employees felt that pets at work would increase productivity and 50% claimed it would increase their happiness. You can either invest in an office pet or allow employees to bring in their own once a week – it’s a great way to improve the mood around the office and can also help different teams interact.

Check out this infographic for more ideas on how to create an office suitable for millennials.

benefits of switching to a millennial office


Author bio: Century Office are experts in all things office design with over 30 years of experience working within the industry. They provide ergonomic workplace furniture as well as modern office design services. 

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