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What Skills Should Candidates Include in Their Resumes?

The shape of the job market is changing rapidly. This is mainly because of the advancement of technology and the high pace of innovations. People looking for jobs nowadays should be up to speed with the latest trends especially when it comes to job skills.

In 2018, having a college degree might not be as important as it used to be but being skilled is more critical than ever. When applying for positions in every industry, candidates must have a strong list of skills to display. But what are the most valuable and outstanding skills that can be put on a resume? Where should they be placed on a resume? What skills are most employers looking for in resumes? We will answer each of these question so keep reading.

What skills should candidates include in their resumes?

There are a few major skill families that can contribute to the success of a job application depending on the position and its requirements. They can be divided into hard and soft skills. Hard skills – the ones that the candidates gain through different courses or educations, and soft or interpersonal skills that are obtained through personal and professional experiences as well as individual qualities.

To make it more clear, here are a few examples of both types of skills. Hard skills could be:

  • Language fluency
  • Legal knowledge
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Data analysis

At the same time, there are qualities that cannot be learned at school. The so-called soft skills might include:

  • Cooperation
  • Persuasion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-awareness
  • Dedication

What are employers looking for on a candidate’s resume?

Most recruiters and employers would agree that some skills would look more appealing on a resume or in a cover letter than others. This is mainly due to the fact that different industries and job types require careful selection of keywords especially when it comes to the skills section.

However, there are some general skills that are being sought after a number of employers from various companies and industries. After reviewing thousands of job postings from different enterprises, there is a certain number of skills that are common for all of them.

The top five skills that are most often seen in job offers are:

  1. Time Management
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Drive
  4. Social skills
  5. Flexibility

If you want to help your candidates prepare outstanding resumes that employers will actually want to read, be sure they are clear and easy to scan. This is why it’s important to know where to place them.

Where to put skills in a candidate’s resume?

Employers and recruiters see hundreds of different resumes and CV’s and read as many cover letters and applications every day. As a recruiter, you know that some layouts work better than others. What is the most important information for you when you get to know the candidates for a job position? Is it the work experience or educational background?

In any case, skills are a powerful way for an applicant to show his competencies. That’s why they must be placed somewhere on the top or highlighted in a specific paragraph. This way the recruiter will be able to evaluate the candidate and decided whether or not to invite them for an interview.

After all, writing a compelling application is a long process that requires a lot of attention and effort but it’s all worth it when you see your candidates landing on the jobs they’ve been dreaming for.

In the infographic below, there is a list of the most prominent skill families together with examples as well as ideas how and where to put job skills in a resume.

About the author: Nona Madzharova is a writing enthusiast, content creator and book lover. She is also a fan of travelling, good music, and chocolate.

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