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Top Creative Trends to Inspire Recruitment Marketers

Every year, Shutterstock analyzes the data from billions of searches for images, videos, and music, and put together the trends that will likely be emerging in the coming year.

Jorgen Sundberg speaks with Robyn Lange, the Curator for Shutterstock, a global technology company, offering a creative platform for assets, tools, and service with over a 180 million images and 9 million videos from more than 300,000 contributors around the world.

They delve into their latest Creative Trends report to find out where design, audio, videography, photography and more is heading in 2018.

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In this episode, you’ll learn

  • About Shutterstock’s annual Creative Trends report
  • What a ‘Curator’ does at a company like Shutterstock
  • What the top 3 major trends are from the report
  • How these trends different around the world
  • How recruitment marketers can take inspiration from this data
  • What companies inspire Robyn.

By Karim Ansari

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