Tech talent is in high demand. More and more companies are shifting their focus to becoming digital and hiring the best tech talent out there has become a major priority. That’s why they need a super strong employer brand.

We chat with Sarah Dovlo, the Head of Employer Branding Europe at ABB, a big Swedish-Swiss engineering company to learn how ABB have gone from a traditional company with a rich heritage to a future-focused and digitally relevant employer.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the culture is like at ABB
  • What talent challenges ABB faces right now
  • Why the EVP is ‘It begins with you’ and how they activate this message
  • How ABB leverages social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Sapchat to reach young talent
  • Why ABB goes to events and meetups to seek out talent
  • Why data is the most important aspect of employer branding
  • How ABB measures their employer branding efforts
  • Why Allianz and Deutsche Bahn inspire Sarah
  • What’s next for ABB’s employer brand

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