Why Self Belief is Essential for Career Success

Not too long ago I gave a speech to children who recently received their GSCE’s and A Level results, there were also a few adults in the audience ready to be motivated. When I was younger I never used to ask or answer any questions when I was confused or did not understand something. I did not speak up. Being a very quiet and shy person was my biggest weakness.

Have confidence in yourself

I used to go unnoticed by teachers, football coaches and anyone else who could potentially help me in my career path. A much more confident person now of course, that I give motivational speeches to people of various ages. I always attempt to engage and involve the audience and not necessarily pick on those who I feel to be more of an introvert, but I like to get everyone speaking and listening to not just myself, as I believe everyone has a unique story and something to share. This talk was a little different and one I will surely remember.

Above that everyone has a talent and should be proud of that talent and let the world know about their talent. I asked the audience ‘Who has a talent?’ I waited for 30 seconds trying to make eye contact with everyone. No one responded I saw a few grins and lips move but it seemed as if none of them believed or were sure if what they were good at could be considered as a talent. I believe everyone has a talent and you should believe you are the best at what you do and the way you do it is unique in comparison to anyone else.

Be proud of your talents

I went around the room and asked everyone individually what you are good at. Answers varied from fixing cars, sound engineers, football, basketball, dancing, sewing (this came from an older member in the audience) and story writing. Several things I can’t even do myself. I told them if you do not believe you are the best at what you do or at least who you are competing against at that particular time you will never achieve your goals in life. You have to wake up and tell yourself you are the best.

When you are on that football pitch or basketball court, you need to tell yourself you are better than everyone on the opposite team. But here is the twist. Do not try and be the next Ronaldo, Henry or Messi, Dwayne Wade or Lebron James. Or if you are in the music industry do not try and be the next Kanye West or Beyoncé. Or fashion, don’t try and be the next Alexandre McQueen. Try and be the best version of YOU that YOU can be.

Don’t feel discouraged by rejection

The majority of the young people I spoke to that day have probably never suffered from rejection, and need to be prepared by mentors or speakers like myself, they need enough self confidence to deal with it when it does happen. I was confident enough to keep going with my job hunt in expectation that the right role for me would come along. Knock backs, set backs will happen continuously in life how you deal with them is defiantly what will make you.

After the talk I was asked how young people could possibly convince employers to take a risk and hire them. I said they were also young and looking for a job once too, they can sympathise, but you need to show them it is a risk worth taking. If you are to have a look at top interview tips no doubt you will see, ‘Be yourself’. As I said do not try and be the next Beyoncé or Messi, be YOU! Be confident in yourself and your talent, your passion for whatever industry you want to be a part of and leave your mark on it. You need to be able to demonstrate your willingness to progress and learn.

Safe is Risky.


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By Alfred Ajani

I am Alfred Ajani the Coventry University graduate from South London also known as ‘The CV Man’. Since my PR stunt at Waterloo station I have since appeared on the BBC One Show, RT UK, ITV News, various radio stations and talks shows in an attempt to give future graduates a voice in the world. I am now a display analyst at Forward 3D.