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7 Ways to Revive Your Company Career Site

To attract the right candidate, you need an amazing career site. Not just a decent one that simply lists your company’s available jobs. Your career site is the candidate’s window into your business and your culture.

There are so many different cost-effective technologies you could you to create an amazing careers site. So there really is no excuse not to have a great careers page anymore.  So here are 7 ways to revive and revive your company’s careers site.

1. Employer branding videos

Prospective candidates want to see what a day at work at your company is all about. They want to hear from one of your managers, or even better the person they are going to be spending almost every day of their foreseeable future with.

So spend a little time, maybe hire an intern for the summer, recording the best bits about working for your company and choose a diverse bunch of employees to talk about what excites them most about working for your company.

It does not have to be an unbelievable production. Just make sure it’s one of the first things you see on your career’s page. Here’s are a few examples of how to make an employer brand video that stands out. ‘

2. Culture photos

No stock photos, please. I’d recommend integrating your Instagram page on your page, so candidates can have a quick skim through snapshots of your company’s employees and activities.

Just like videos, job seekers really want to see a genuine picture of what it’s like to work for your company and what goes on every day.

3. Make it social

A very simple, but effective necessity for your careers page. The key here is the power of word of mouth. People trust people they know. You want people to be able to spread the word on working at your company on all sorts of social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

It is imperative you get these social share buttons at the top of your careers page, not the bottom. Visibility is very important.

4. Integrate your ATS

Get whatever ATS system you use integrated into your website in order to maintain and update your career page at all times.

There are tons of tools like Bullhorn, BambooHR, Recruitee and Workable that remove the hassle of updating your page in case you don’t have the time to.

5. Make it mobile friendly

Here’s a quick stat: 86% of current job seekers use their phones to search for jobs nowadays.

In all honesty, I think the percentage is even higher now. Think of all the different mobile devices people use from smartphones to iPads.

So it’s imperative your careers page is optimized for mobile and offers a seamless experience for prospective candidates.

6. Add a search function

Often a forgotten function of a careers, page, make sure to allow candidates to search your website for more information.

Importantly a search function helps your candidate find the answers they need, so they are able to make informed decisions about working for your company.

It’s a very simple function to add to your careers page but plays a big part in the candidates over experience.

7. Always include a CTA

This is the big one. You should always have a call-to-action function on your page. It’s extremely important ou have these three key CTA’s:

  • Social sharing buttons – As mentioned earlier, highly visible buttons for candidates to share your page.
  • Contact us form: A form for prospective candidates to ask a question by including their name, email, and message.
  • Apply here button: A Direct link to your available jobs and the application process.

Without these, why would you even have a careers page? If people fall in love with your company and want to do something about, CTA’s are the best way to do so.

Follow these quick tips so that you’re actually utilizing the potential of having a careers page, and hopefully you will see an increase in applicants, as well as a better quality and fit of applicants.