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Why Recruitment and Marketing Make Sense Together

Why should you bring recruitment and marketing together? Well, you might just be leading the future of talent acquisition.

We sit down Lori Sylvia, the Founder & CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing; a new online community forum where the best ideas in recruitment marketing are learned and shared.

Rally mentors include our friends Ben Gledhill, Adam Glassman, Debbie Celado, Jared Nypen, Lane Sutton, Shaunda ZIlich, Audra Knight and many more.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Who Lori is and how long she has been a recruitment marketer for
  • How Lori started Rally after being the CMO at Smashfly.
  • If recruitment marketing still a ‘new’ thing
  • What the difference between recruitment marketing and employer branding is
  • What challenges she sees facing recruitment marketing professionals right now
  • What the career path for recruitment marketers is now
  • How to measure the effectiveness of recruitment marketing

Connect with Lori on LinkedIn and check out Rally Recruitment Marketing.