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Where are the Best Places in the UK to Find Work?

Over 32 million people in the United Kingdom are currently employed. So which jobs does the nation face shortages currently and where should you look if you’re looking for your next role?

If you’re looking for a particular job in your sector, chances are moving around the UK could provide you with more opportunity than you think. At least that’s according to website who have done some research into job demand across the nation.

Who Has The Most Jobs?

First of all, the company looked at each region in respect of job availability. You won’t be surprised to find that places like London were high on the list with 30.6% above the national average when it comes to vacancies. Not far behind, however, are thriving regions like the North West where job vacancies are 25.69% above national figures and Wales on 11.70%, far above both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It seems other parts of the nation, particularly towards the far north, are doing less well when it comes to employment options. Scotland is 7.14% below the national average and Northern Ireland is -8.34%.

Which Jobs Are in Demand?

The demand for various jobs across the UK can vary from region to region and sector to sector. For the financial industries, there’s are bigger opportunities for job hunters in London and the South West. The North West figures most highly for nurses, social workers, and mechanical engineers. Welders are in big demand again up North as well as Wales but less so in areas like the capital.

There’s not such a big demand for CEOs and Directors in the North East and Cumbria as there is in London and the South West. London consistently tops the charts when it comes to comparison with the rest of the UK – the financial sector is over 55% higher than the national average and software and graphic designers are in big demand also. Both London and the North West show the biggest pull for healthcare workers. looked at 19 of the UK Visa Bureau’s most in-demand career sectors when developing their infographic and comparing regions. The two most popular destinations currently appear to be London and the North West where there are plenty of job prospects and often more jobs that staff to fill them.

The big takeaway is that, if you’re happy to change locations, you could actually improve your chances of landing the job that you want.

Check out the full infographic by! They’ve produced an interesting infographic that breaks down job vacancies and throughout all across all UK regions. With demand for skilled staff high in many areas, it’s never been more profitable to switch location as well as jobs.

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