Talent Acquisition

5 Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent

As the economy continues to improve, job seekers will have a larger choice of jobs.

For this reason, employers will have to really up their game when it comes to recruiting top talent. Every company wants the best to join it’s staff, and today’s recruiters need to have a clear strategy in order to attract the top candidates.

Here are five tips on how to recruit only top talent in today’s competitive job market.

1. Look beyond the resume:

In this digital era, social media profiles have become very useful tools for researching talent. Candidates’ social media profiles, such as LinkedIn profiles, Twitter profiles, and Facebook profiles, will often tell you more about them than their resumes.

Their social media profiles can highlight their interests and personal experiences, and may indicate whether that person is a perfect fit or not. In addition, networking with prospective candidates on social media can keep them under your radar. Although a candidate may not be looking for a job right now, you never know what the future has in store.

2. Look at other locations:

With the advancement in technology, it is very common for employees to work remotely. An employee could be located 3,000 miles from the office, but could have the same technological capabilities as other on-site employees.

Therefore, when you look for top talent, don’t be limited to candidates in close geographic proximity, so that you won’t lose out on top talent who live in other areas. This is especially true if your company is located in a competitive area.

3. Attract talent with talent:

Talented people like to work with other talented people. During the recruiting process, highlight your organisation’s existing talented employees. You can also use these talented employees as your marketing tool and attract other talented candidates to your company. Your staff can also be the biggest advocates for your organisation, so encouraging them to promote the company through social media and other sources, they can give your brand image a boost that will appeal to prospective employees. 

4. Treat your employees like allies:

Don’t treat your employees as your assets. Treat them as your allies that are working toward a mutually beneficial goal. Make them feel that they are valued as a talented individual, and not as a valuable asset of the company. Employee recognition schemes are a good way of achieving this. 

5. Put your employees first:

Another way for a company to recruit and keep top talent is to create a company culture that the best employees want to work in. This is a culture in which employees are treated with consideration and respect. Place your best employees in positions of great influence such that their talent can be maximized.

By Casey Fleischmann