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Who Are You? You Recruiters Know Nothing!

As a recruiter you have so much to think about:  advertising jobs, sourcing candidates, competing not just with you traditional competitors, but with your clients and candidates – everything’s online now and everyone has access to what you have access to.  How do you differentiate yourself?  How can you make yourself stand out?  Heads are hurting all over the recruitment sector right now.

Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I get very frustrated with the #job #job #job culture that social media has exposed for some recruiters out there.  I am on a mission to get them to drop the #job in favour of the demonstration of specialism – #cloud #hr #mining #finance #publicsector.

I know that the average recruiter does not have a time machine, and that it often feels like a big ask to get them to talk online rather than simply bleat on about jobs, so I wanted to write something to help.

If you’re a recruiter, I bet you read about your specialism – and even if you are classed as a generic sector recruiter, you’ll be reading up on recruitment, and if you don’t then read my mind…

So, you may take a couple of minutes a day to read around your sector (recruitment and/or mining/hr/it/etc…) so why are you not sharing this with your audience?  Sharing content on your sector can:

  • Demonstrate your specialism
  • Help your client / candidate base with knowledge they didn’t have
  • Improve your profile and make you stand out
  • Give your ideal clients confidence that you are in their space…

…all good stuff!

I’m more likely to buy from someone who gets me!

Someone said the other day that updating your status too often (and thus only doing it a couple of times a week) means that people stop listening… I do not buy that!  I agree if you’re just telling me what you had for tea last night then the hide button in LinkedIn updates gets a good seeing to.  If however you are talking about me, my sector, what I could be doing to find a new role, how my sector is coping with change, I start to associate you with good stuff!  How can that be bad?

I always ask my recruitment clients to aim for updating once a day – this helps with getting them to engage with their audience, actually login to social media to do some vital listening and ultimately have  a presence in a really busy room.

Some tips to help you share more of the good stuff

You can have some cute buttons on your toolbar/bookmark bar to help you share stuff – even if there are no sharing buttons on the website where you are reading the content.

Use the links below to drag sharing buttons to your toolbars which will help you share anything on the web via your social media profiles:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google (a bit of a mare to find on the page… look for the Share Bookmarklet heading toward the bottom)
  • AddThis – you just need 1 button on your toolbar and you select which site you want to post to
  • Bullhorn Reach also has a great tool for social sharing (and it does jobs and tells you when people are “on the move”), that’s definitely worth checking out.

To be fair, there are loads of bookmarklets online that you can grab and add to your toolbar, so choose what works for you…

…and then the ultimate challenge: saying “bookmarklet” 5 times in a row after a double G&T on a Friday night after a busy week recruiting and sharing content online!

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By Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Director at Barclay Jones, a Consultancy working with recruiters advising them on the most effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their business processes, recruitment and bottom line. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMariJones.