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10 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates

Whether it’s poorly written resumes, or making avoidable mistakes in an interview, recruiters all have their pet peeves when it comes to candidates, and time after time candidates make silly mistakes that cost them an interview or even the role.

So what are the top pet peeves that recruiters have with job seekers?

1) Overly “creative” resumes

As much as a creative resume can help job seekers stand out from the crowd, they can often cause a bit of an inconvenience for recruiters who would quite like to able to skim read it for the relevant information, rather than wear it, drink from it, etc.

2) A photo or personal info on their resume

Sure, I’m happy for you and your wife and 3 kids, aged 3, 5 and 8, but does this really have anything to do with the job in hand? Don’t even get me started on the holiday selfie attached.

3) Unqualified candidates

Congratulations on your promotion to supervisor at TGIs last year, but I’m still not sure that’s going to help you land a role as a Finance Director…

4) Applying for any and every job out there

Ok, so you’ve been unemployed for some time and are becoming a bit desperate to find yourself a job, but this doesn’t mean you should apply for anything or everything that comes along! Be selective and dedicate your time to pursuing those opportunities properly, rather than sending off dozens of generic resumes for unsuitable roles , which can come across as lazy.

5) Taking ages to respond

If you are contacted for a job and you are serious about your job hunt, you should return the call or email within 24 hours. Any longer and you will appear uninterested and may cost you the interview.

6) Turning up late….or too early

It’s common knowledge that punctuality is essential when interviewing for a new job, as showing up late will just show a lack of consideration for your interviewer’s time and will suggest they are unreliable. The same however, does go for showing up too early, as it’s likely your interviewer is running to a tight schedule and it may disrupt the short time they have between meetings.

7) Unprepared interviewees

It’s expected of candidates to do their research before an interview and to understand exactly what it is that the company does and what the role is that they are interviewing for.The same goes for dressing appropriately. If they turn up unprepared, it not only reflects badly on themselves but also on the recruiter who set up the interview.

8) Changing  salary requirements

There’s a reason recruiters will usually ask candidates about their salary requirements in the initial screening call/interview, and that’s so candidates and job roles are accurately matched. Clients will usually have a set salary in mind, so unless you’re some kind of superstar, suddenly asking for more money at the end of the process probably won’t get you far.

9) Constantly following up

There’s nothing wrong with checking that your application has been received. In fact it will confirm your genuine interest and get you noticed. However, pestering recruiters with constant calls is not going to do you any favours, as you will just get on their nerves. When there is news, they will contact you.

10) Rudeness

Nobody wants to work with someone who is rude or unpleasant towards them, it’s unnecessary and it won’t get you anywhere in life. Job seekers should be polite and approachable if they want to put themselves in good stead of being chosen for the role. Writing a thank you letter referencing your conversation is also a good idea, as it shows appreciation for the recruiters time

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