How to Craft the Perfect Modern Resume

The day and age of education and job history resumes are long-gone. Today’s successful resumes are social, interactive and are brought to life for all those reading it.

In a digital world, text becomes more than letters, words and sentences on a page. The phrases come alive, grab attention and guide the hiring professional through your resume.

The modern resume is changing and evolving. While it may seem daunting to some, it offers the opportunity to combine creativity and personality with education and work history, giving an applicant an edge over others seeking the same position.

Fortunately, our friends at ColoradoTech have come up with the perfect modern resume plan.


  • Use Georgia as your font – not Times New Roman.
  • Photos can add personality to your resume.
  • Don’t be lazy – be sure to tailor your resume to each position.
  • Online resumes are searchable and offer increased interactive elements, including video.
  • Social networks can help or hinder your chances of getting a job or getting into college or education programs best suited for your career.
  • The wrong image on social media can torpedo an otherwise stellar resume.

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