The Ultimate Guide to Films About Job Searches

Unfortunately, Hollywood, independent film producers and cable channels all have the same goal with movies:  to entertain you and make money. Therefore if one is looking for a movie about an interesting career to pursue that is both fulfilling, lucrative and legal, they may be a bit disappointed.

Most job related movies are about greed, corruption, breaking the law by aggressive, desperate folks. However, keeping that in mind, there is always an upside to the movies – getting an insight into various industries like automobile sales, fashion, real estate and or business in general.

This list is geared toward presenting lively entertainment, good acting and directing, and what NOT to do when climbing any particular corporate ladder. Not listed in any particular order.

1) Big Kahuna:

A Danny DeVito and Kevin Spacey movie depicting the lonely life of sharp edged but funny salesmen.

2) Glen Garry Ross:

The incredible, competitive world of Real Estate sales, with Alec Baldwin as an unscrupulous boss who presents a contest for his staff which will result in losers being fired.

3) Cadillac Man:

Robin Williams stars as an enterprising, aggressive, desperate automobile salesman who uses all the skills in his repertoire to prevent mayhem and murder.

4) Working Girl:

Life within an office, dated perhaps back to pre-computer technical days; if not entertaining, will make one appreciate today’s technology.

5) Wall Street:

The 1987 Wall Street corruption movie featuring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas doing anything and everything to get to the top.

6) The Wolf of Wall Street:

The 2013 Wall Street corruption movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

7) Deal:

2008 movie featuring Burt Reynolds, an ex-gambler teaching a college kid and law clerk how to win at Poker.  Of course it ends with a teacher versus student finale.

8) Hot Spot:

Dennis Hopper directs this 1990 movie based on the book, Hell Hath No Fury, about a drifter who takes a job as a car salesman in Texas, but spots a way to rob a bank.

Another what “not to do” story.

9) Boiler Room:

Ah yes, the movie based on the term “boiler room,” which was meant to mean a windowless room in the basement with nothing but phones and desks.  This movie deals with the sales tactics of ambitious and less than honorable tele-salesmen.

10) The Devil Wears Prada:

The highly competitive field of fashion publications is excellently portrayed in this 2006 film starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.  Believed to have been inspired by real life situations at Vogue Magazine, most fashion designers refrained from being mentioned in the movie.

However, for those loving fashion, design and color, the costuming budget for this movie was the highest ever.

By Laurence Hebberd