How to Perfect the Digital Job Search

It is the year of the online job search and everyone is doing it. Whether it be normal websites or social media, people are actively looking for jobs online instead of newspapers, shops and walking into recruitment companies.

However, its a tough world out there and the internet can be a confusing place. Where do you go? Who do you talk to and what do you say? Searching for jobs can be a tough process, especially online.

So, Washington State University have come up with a few ways you can nail your online job search and persevere with confidence!

Use instant messaging

  • Yahoo Messenger, Aim and Google Talk are all useful.
  • This helps to get direct contact in real time, avoid going back and forth via email!

Clean up your resume

  • You only have around 6 seconds to impress.
  • Use tools such as Resunate to help give your resume a new look.

Use social media

  • 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn.
  • 66% use Facebook.
  • Network by joining groups related to your industry on LinkedIn.
  • Tweet your job search.

Use Indeed

  • Indeed is the largest jobs aggregator on the planet.
  • Get email alerts when a certain job position comes up.
  • Indeed as 50 million unique users a month.

Go mobile with the Lunchmeet app

  • You can meet executives and business recruiters for lunch!
  • use this to learn about a company’s job culture.

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By Casey Fleischmann