30 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Sculpting your own personal brand online can sometimes seem like a hefty task. But creating a brand for yourself is easier than you think! In the infographic below, created by Referral Candy, 37 experts have shared with us their top tips for a well crafted personal brand – and it’s not as complicated as you think!


  • When creating your online brand, you should know your audience and your peers. It’s important to know where you fit into your industry. Regular use of LinkedIn and other social networks means you can accurately position yourself amongst those in similar positions.
  • Always reply to emails, tweets or messages, even if you think it seems like a waste of time. People will appreciate a reply or response, and will remember you for that.
  • Be Human. People often forget to be ‘social’ on social media. Act as though you would in real life – Compliment people, make jokes, ask questions.
  • Be proud of everything you post! Would you be embarrassed if an article you wrote appeared on the front page of a newspaper tomorrow? If the answer is yes – rewrite it.

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