Employer Branding

3 Ways to Find Employer Brand Data Online

How do you measure your employer brand? That’s a question we get to ask a lot, and the answer seemed to differ every time. So we did some thinking. The final result is this little (or maybe BIG) project that we’ve been working on for a while: *drumroll please* The Employer Brand Index! *audience clapping enthusiastically*

Hooray! In this article we give you a bit of insider information, we explain how we collect data for our Employer Brand Index. We usually look at all kinds of under-generated platforms, but in this article, we use Glassdoor, Instagram, and Quora as three examples.

Three perspectives

In order for you to have a nice overview of your employer brand, we’re taking a look at three different platform variations. First of all, the one we’re all checking out at some point (let’s face it): review websites. You know, the lovely lists and recognizable, (hopefully) five shining stars. Everyone wants to aim for the best score, but let’s take a second glance beyond. Social media? The good old socials. Even though it has become one the most clogged space on the internet, we still want to figure out what’s happening in the buzzing *bee reference, shoulder pat if you got that* social scene. Let’s just say we’re going to infinity and beyond! Third and final perspective is the forums! We know, it sounds like a ‘00 kind of noun, but trust me, there’s some good stuff on there!

1. Employer Review Websites

The most well-known one is Glassdoor, who also publish their annual ‘Best Places To Work’ online. Let’s be honest: a lot of companies really, really want to get up there on the number one spot. Glassdoor is all about user-submitted feedback, or as they call it “employee-generated” content. Besides some good old opinions of former employees, it will also give you insights into salary, CEO-likeness and whether employees would recommend it to a friend. Because, let’s face it, word of mouth is still pretty big.

2. Social Media

Yup, I’m sure you have all the platforms covered with official accounts, verified ticks and so on. However, when it comes to social media platforms, for instance, “The Gram” Instagram, we will be going beyond the standard comments on your posts. Let’s just say we dive into the world of hashtags, locations and all additional employer branding content. Instagram is only an example, I’m pretty sure you can mention tons of other social media channels, but hey, we don’t want to give it all away at once!

3. Online Forum

Wait, what? A forum? I hear you thinking: are you all crazy up there? Nope, we’re not. Let me tell you why. Forums are happy places where you can share everything with your own community. Whether that’s a scientific problem with professors or people who share their love for Italian food. I made a point here, forums are extremely diverse, that’s why we need to observe them through ‘employer brand eyes’. All the additional stuff will vanish, which leads to totally relevant pieces of content. Or rather: people’s opinions around the employer brand of a brand or company. Let’s just say we won’t use the following Quora question for any Employer Brand Index…


Now that we’ve told you a bit of insider stuff, you must be curious for more, right? Let me help you with that. Check out this link to access more information on the Employer Brand Index. Feel free to give me a shout for any questions or feedback. We’re all about that!