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What’s the Number 1 Tip You’d Give Applicants for Your Vacancy?

In this week’s #UROpinion, we asked you: What’s the Number 1 Tip You’d Give Job Seekers Applying to Your Vacancy?

The comments left were all varied but useful tips! Applying to jobs has become more competitive than ever, so finding a way of standing out as an applicant is vital. For every job opening, there are more candidates than ever before. For example, early last year, more than 1,700 people applied for just eight jobs at a Costa Coffee shop in the UK.

You can read every response we received below. They are the views of experienced recruiters and industry professionals, so use their wisdom to land your dream job by understanding an employers needs! Remember to join our #UROpinion discussion every Monday on LinkedIn, where you can comment on our latest discussion now!

Do you have any advice to job seekers? As a job seeker, what do you feel sets you apart? Let us know in the comments.

On LinkedIn:

Charles Young mentioned having other abilities outside of formal qualifications is a great quality for a candidate to possess:

Charles Young, MS, CPRW Career Development Specialist | Certified Professional Résumé Writer | Global Career Development Facilitator For anyone applying for my vacancy (Career Development Specialist for the Connecticut Department of Labor), the number 1 tip I could give is that although a Bachelor’s Degree and at least 15 credit hours in Psychology or Sociology are required to apply, this is a Social Service position, and having the attributes of empathy and the ability/willingness to “coach” others to help them attain their career / job search goals will really determine your long-term success in this position.

Emily Richard shared an interesting article on tips for applicants. A quote Emily shared says that being able to demonstrate how you’ll be able to positively impact a company is crucial, as being to share something that’s produced in-real life is valuable.

Emily Richard Communications and General Media Professional   Tailwind’s #1 Tip to applicants, “Tell us how you think you’ll be able to help, or better yet, just do it and show us. It never hurts to come bearing gifts”.

On Twitter:

On Twitter, Link Humans’ Jörgen Sundberg replied with a basic rule that too many people ignore:

Bernadette Vielhaber said tailoring your CV and Cover Letter to the position is essential. Make it clear what you can offer, and recruiters will have no option but to take your application seriously!

Preparation is essential, as Belcan Pittsburgh says below. Make sure that if the initial contact is made over the phone, you have structured exactly what you are going to say. Bullet points are helpful in making sure you hit every point you want conveyed.

On Google Plus:

Google Plus had two great comments on the discussion, from Recruitwheels and Sarah Manley! As Recruitwheels said, make sure your CV and coverletter are a high standard, with absolutely no typos or formatting errors. Read a job description in full, and be clear in your application what position you’re aiming for.

What’s the Number 1 Tip You’d Give Job Seekers Applying to Your Vacancy? Let us know in the comments, or reply in our discussion on LinkedIn!

To conclude, get noticed by recruiters by offering something that is invaluable. Experience outside of formal qualifications, for example, is a great way of demonstrating a natural incentive to going above and beyond. Be sure to read job applications in full, and make your application strong. Nothing is more off putting than an obviously thrown-together cover letter. Be prepared, and get ready to show employers why you’re so great – be proud of who you are!