Talent Acquisition

The Non-Techies’ Guide to Hiring Tech Talent

If you’re recruiting into the tech industry, but don’t necessarily have the technical knowledge yourself, it can often prove challenging to get your head around some of the jargon and understand what exactly a role entails.

If you’re having trouble cracking the code and are unsure about what you should be looking for in a candidate, hopefully this can be of some help! Modis have put together a guide that will help you crack the tech lingo and sniff out the best tech talent.

1) Cast your net

  • If you don’t understand the Tech jargon, ask for help for a friend or contact in the tech industry.
  • Ask your team if they know anybody who has the required expertise.
  • You can reach out to candidates using LinkedIn, referrals, visits to colleges and niche job boards.
  • Make sure you tell your company’s story, so that you attract people with the same values.

2)  Look for the right signs

  • Create a good idea of what talent are looking for, such as experience, work-life balance and future opportunities.
  • Build an understanding about what the average salary is for certain roles and level of experience.
  • Lookout for hobbies that suggest an individual is passionate about tech.

3) Narrow down your list

  • Find a perfect mix of skills, such as the ability to present ideas clearly, communicate professionally, etc.
  • Check out a candidates portfolio to build a better understanding about their abilities.
  • Get candidates to undertake a skills test, to assess their aptitude.

4) Ask for help

  • Ask for advice from an expert in the industry before making any final decisions.
  • Partnering with a tech recruitment firm will help you to identify and approach both active and passive tech candidates.

Find out what skills make the perfect tech candidate below!


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