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How to Hire the Best Tech Professionals in the UK

The tech industry is an ever expanding sector and with this growth comes the demand and competition for skilled tech professionals.

When hiring for your tech company, it’s essential that you make sure that the individual has the correct skill set and is fully qualified to excel within your business. After-all, don’t ever underestimate the power of a star employee, as the right person could have the potential to influence the success and growth of your company. 

However, as the number of tech jobs is on the rise, the number of professionals with the correct skill-set can’t keep up with the demand, creating a great deal of competition for tech companies to nab the top talent. 

Here are a few tips courtesy of nudj that will help your company conquer the competition to hire and retain the best tech employees available.

The influence that the tech talent shortage has on employers

  • 42% of tech companies find it difficult to keep hold of their best employees.
  • 45% of employers think that the skills shortage is the biggest issue when hiring and retaining staff.
  • 77% of these companies would grow if they had access to candidate with the correct skill-set.

Is the talent shortage a real problem?

  • Nearly half of tech professionals receive at least one message from a recruiter per month; however 87% respond to less than 10% of the messages that they receive.
  • This suggests that the candidates exist, but are not seeking new roles.

How are tech professionals hired?

  • The top source of hire, is through referrals and 86% of tech professionals say they would accept a job through a friend, as they trust their judgement more than a recruiter.
  • The second most popular source for hiring tech employees was through recruiters and in third spot online.

What do tech professionals look for in a role?

  • 86% of professionals seek a role where these is the opportunity for career development.
  • 60% look for a great company reputation, so building an effective employer brand for your tech organisation is essential for attracting the top talent.

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